Civil Trial & Appellate Practice

Directors & Officers Liability

Schwartz Semerdjian understands that in today’s challenging and constantly changing economic environment a company’s directors and officers are under increased scrutiny, frequently facing opposition in response to their management decisions. We have seen first-hand how disruptive claims against a company’s directors and officers can be to an organization’s operations, as well as the reputations of both the company and the individuals involved. Regardless of whether the best resolution is to settle out of court or pursue a trial, our team stands ready to assist clients with whatever the case requires. 


Schwartz Semerdjian has extensive experience defending directors and officers of public and privately held corporations, non-profit organizations, governmental entities and family-run businesses in a wide range of securities and corporate governance claims. 

Our team’s keen understanding of state and federal rules and regulations, coupled with extensive litigation experience enables us to successfully represent clients in actions involving financial institutions, technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and healthcare and manufacturing entities. Our attorneys represent clients in federal and state litigation, regulatory enforcement matters, chancery court matters and investigations involving a wide range of matters, including: 

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of duty of loyalty
  • Insider trading
  • Fraud
  • RICO
  • Corporate governance matters
  • Shareholder derivative actions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment discrimination
  • Governmental investigations and litigation
  • False Claims Act litigation

Additionally, Schwartz Semerdjian has a long-standing history with numerous, national insurers who routinely refer sensitive D&O litigation matters to our Firm. We frequently serve as litigation counsel of record when a coverage dispute arises because clients know that we possess the skills needed to quickly and effectively defend claims against our clients.

For further information on any directors/officers related matter, please contact Dick Semerdjian.